Providing a great work environment has always been a fundamental part of the recruiting process, but offering employees greater job flexibility is becoming critical.  Combine that with the challenges of hiring in a tightening labor market and implementing a work-from-home program makes sense.

“The initiative is actually favorable in three ways,” says Kerry Bamsey, TCI’s Director of Human Resources.  “Offering this type of job flexibility is an attractive option, which is a benefit to the employee.  Next, I’m able to reach a larger applicant pool which is very helpful to HR.  Third, remote employees don’t need office space so we’re able to grow the business without adding more space.”

Not all employees are eligible for remote work status, however.  “Some departments can’t work outside the facility due to compliance,” says TCI’s Chief Operations Officer, Aaron Knigge.  “We see several benefits across the enterprise but our business has many regulations and so for some, they simply must operate inside the building.”

One final consideration is performance.  “We operate in a performance-driven environment so metrics must be met.  Anyone considering a remote opportunity must meet and/or exceed several key performance expectations.  If the performance isn’t there, it won’t work,” Knigge added.